Saginaw County


-More than 10,000 inmates are booked into the Saginaw County Jail each year.

-The jail can hold 515 inmates at maximum capacity.



Andy Cox

Andy Cox

Phone: 989.790.5458


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FMM provides spiritual care to the men and women in our jail through the capable leadership of our chaplain and volunteers. At our ministry in the Saginaw County Jail we offer a variety of programs to inmates searching for hope and redemption in Jesus:

-Weekly church services

-Group Bible studies

-Self-improvement classes

-Christian movie ministry

-Bookcart with faith-based literature

-Self-study Bible courses

Volunteer Opportunities

Pray! We appreciate prayer so much. Please pray for hearts to be open and lives to be changed inside the jail and outside as inmates re-enter society. 

If you are interested in serving in the jail as a volunteer, please contact Chaplain Irvin at the email or phone number above. We offer specialized training for our volunteers and have a number of ways you can get involved. 

We are always looking for friends in the community to partner with us and share the FMM story at their church. If our ministry has touched you, would you consider being a representative on our behalf?

Transformation Stories

Doug Flegel, Saginaw County

Doug Flegel is one of our committed volunteers at the Saginaw County Jail. ​ He says, “Forgotten Man Ministries has become a blessing to me as a volunteer. Instead of being a hopeless dope addict, I’ve become a dopeless hope addict!”

Doug recalls...

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Doug Flegel is one of our committed volunteers at the Saginaw County Jail. ​ He says, “Forgotten Man Ministries has become a blessing to me as a volunteer. Instead of being a hopeless dope addict, I’ve become a dopeless hope addict!”

Doug recalls the dark path he had been on. “Years ago I was a drug dealer, carried illegal guns, rode a Harley, used weed, sometimes cocaine.” In August of 1998
he became permanently disabled with a generative disc disease. In despair, Doug’s drug use became heavier and riskier. “I was on a pity party, not caring if I died or not.”

One night that September while using drugs, he started to feel the alarming symptoms of a heart attack. “I went toward the door to let in air, thinking, ‘Lord, please don’t let me die!’” He collapsed. When he regained consciousness, he felt the painful blows of a guy beating on his chest to restore normal heart rhythm.

Doug realized that his life had been saved and that he wanted to live that life. “I would call it a humanistic epiphany at the time, but really the Holy Ghost kicked me in the butt!” So the next week, Doug made his way to a small church where he knew the preacher, Frank Ward. Sitting in the wooden pew, he listened to the sermon about not giving up. When people were invited forward for prayer, Doug slowly moved toward the altar with his walker. “I was in full blown tears. The Lord was pushing me. He called so loud I knew the phone was ringing! It was the day I truly gave myself to God and slowly my life has changed.”

Seven or eight years ago, Doug began worshipping at his current church, Shield of Faith, which has been affiliated with jail ministry for a long time. “I watched how they accepted my past and helped me be  delivered from my past and move forward with the Word of God.”  The church has welcomed attendees who have been in prison.  Doug shares, “I have accepted them as my brothers in Christ. It makes me think about who I used to be. Because of the love the church showed me, it made me want to show that love to others that nobody else wants to love.”

Doug wanted to volunteer with Forgotten Man Ministries but had to wait. “You had to be off probation for ten years. March 23, 2014 was my 10 year anniversary!” Doug knew he had something important to share. “People come to me asking questions about who I used to be and who I am now as a child of God. It’s not me, it is Christ that dwells in me.”

Doug took his FMM Class 1 training in January 2015. “The very first 2 classes I was a part of in the jail, I saw 2 people whose parents were friends of mine. I had to remember and trust, ‘the Spirit will give you the words to say.’”

We all have faced discouraging times in ministry, but Doug advises, “If you have a bad night at the jail, get in the car when you’re leaving, close the door, wipe your tears, get rid of the heartache, and still praise God for what you could do that night. Then pray in the Holy Spirit and get ready for the next time because there will be another person who needs you.”

Doug also emphasizes, “Donors are needed as much as the volunteers. When they give with a true giving heart, that donor is the unseen partner doing ministry – we need them immensely.”

Doug is hoping to take the FMM Class 2 training in the near future so that he can teach in the dorms and do one-on-one visits. “It is an honor to be a part of it.”

Forgotten Man Ministries thanks you Doug, and we also congratulate you on your recent marriage! God is good all the time. 

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