Genesee County

About our ministry at the Genesee County Jail:

More than 16,000 inmates are booked into the Genesee
County Jail every year. In fact, the Genesee County Jail
books in nearly 44 new inmates EACH DAY. 

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For more information on the Genesee County Ministry, please visit:





Al Novak

Al Novak

Phone: 810.238.7102


Please visit our FMM Genesee website:

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Please visit our FMM Genesee website:

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We offer a number of programs at the Genesee County Jail in our efforts to share Jesus with those incarcerated:

-GRO (God Restoring Offenders) Pod: An 8 week (M-F) in depth program that teaches Biblical principles with life application. So far this has reduced recidivism (re-offense) in participants from 76% to 22%. We hope to expand the program to include 20 men in each session.

-A book cart ministry (wholesome & Christian materials weekly)

-Distribution of Gideon’s (prison edition) Bibles and FMM correspondence Bible courses

-Provide personal Biblical counseling for inmates
-Coordinate intake area preaching teams and literature distribution
-Christian video ministry showings multi-weekly
-45 group Bible studies each week
-7 church worship services each Friday (3 floors)
-Follow-up and discipleship ministry

Programs that Forgotten Man Ministry coordinates in the jail are always provided without any financial cost to the inmate. Your gifts make that possible!



Volunteer Opportunities

Pray. Pray that we will continue to reach inmates for Jesus and for the Lord to open doors and hearts for us in Genesee and other jails across the state.

Volunteer. Contact Chaplain Al Novak at the above phone number and email for more information on volunteering in our worship services, Bible studies, or as a mentor. We also love volunteers who like to organize, file and help with event planning! 

Represent. Share FMM at your church. We are always looking for local partners to share the story of FMM in their church and help promote upcoming events and fundraisers. 

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