"In a cell alone, I surrendered to God. FMM teachers brought light into the jail. I felt love and found hope. What I thought was impossible, became possible. Now my happiness comes from within and from God."

You brought good news of great joy to Janelle and her son Kohlton when they needed it most. Your generosity profoundly changed their lives. 

Without the Good News, inmates continue to commit new crimes and return to jail. Redemption is critical. With Jesus Christ, new life is possible. 

Waiting on the outside are the forgotten spouses and children struggling to survive and heavily dependant on goverment subsidies.

Today 80% of children who have a parent go to jail will also see the inside of a jail in their lifetime. But you can help. 

With your support, more incarcerated parents can be impacted. Won't you join us in ending this heartbreaking cycle? 

Please make a year-end gift that will transform lives in Jesus' name. 

Donate online or send check to:

Forgotten Man Ministries
3940 Fruit Ridge Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544



Forgotten Man Ministries
3940 Fruit Ridge Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Tel: (616) 784-4620

Email: office@forgottenman.org

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