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The funds raised will go toward sponsoring Bible Students in the Michigan county jails. $26/Student.

  • What Is the “First Steps Marathon”? It’s a health challenge for participants to walk, run, or step 26 miles over the month of January 2019. Each participant also know as a "Stepper" is challenged to raise $260 or more for FMM by gathering 10 sponsors around them that will give an average $26 gift. The First Steps Marathon is a statewide wellness movement all over Michigan that you can participate in at your home, at your gym, and in your own neighborhood. Steppers will track their mileage.

  • Who can participate? Anyone who wants to commit to the First Steps Marathon must be:

  1. Individuals healthy enough to walk, jog, or run a mile a day over the course of a month. Please consult doctors if there is a concern or question.

  2. Individuals willing to raise $260 or more to support Forgotten Man Ministries, using the tools provided.

  3. Churches, businesses, and entire families will be encouraged to track their steps or miles to reach their goals.

  • Why should you participate?

  1. To get healthy! January is “resolution month” for many people. People join the local gym, dust off their treadmills, and commit to a healthier lifestyle in the new year.

  2. To be part of something bigger! It’s not often that you hear ordinary people commit to a marathon. By joining the First Steps Marathon, steppers are joining with people from all over the state to make a healthy choice for themselves and to facilitate “first steps” of faith and a new life for people at their jail.

  3. Accountability makes the difference! When people go public with their goal, commit to raising support for their goal, and have a team of people who encourage them, they are more accountable.

  • How does it work?

Step 1 Organization– Each region needs a “Captain” to coordinate activity in their county. Ideally, this will be someone who knows how to use a computer, mobile device, and is willing to promote and organize the “Steppers” from their region. There will be emails and a few conference calls to train captains. Deadline to identify a Captain to “Step Up” is Friday, November 9, 2018.

Step 2 Promotion– Captains communicate and promote. Captains are responsible for working with chaplains and volunteers from their region to communicate the First Steps Marathon. They will explain “Wellness for a Worthy Cause” tagline. Nov/Dec are promotion months.

Step 3 Signup– Participants or “Steppers” will text the word “FMM” to the number 71777 on their mobile device. They will “become a fundraiser” and setup a personal fundraising page. Nov/Dec are signup months. Signup closes December 31, 2018.

Step 4 Fundraise – Once “Steppers” have their fundraising page or team set up, they share their goal with friends and family to raise $260 or more. Supporters give using mobile devices and a credit or debit card. Every “Stepper” will have a keyword (Example: “FMM5”) assigned to them. Supporters just text that keyword to the 71777 and make their donation. No Cash. No Checks. No Collection or handling of money is needed. All of it is done through the online donation page (mobile or pc). Fundraising begins as soon as a person signs up and can continue all through the event and closes January 31, 2019.

Step 5 Get Started – Starting Tuesday, January 1, 2019 “Steppers” will begin tracking their miles. They can use fitness trackers, go to a gym, walk a set track, or purchase an inexpensive pedometer. Steppers are encouraged to keep track of their personal mileage and to share the First Step Marathon Facebook page, which is open to the public. “Steppers” need to go at least 2000 steps in a day to complete a mile.

Step 6 Be Inspired – Throughout the month of January, “Steppers” all over Michigan will be encouraged to share their health stories, share testimonies of what God is doing, and to hear the stories of what God is doing in the jails around Michigan.

Step 7 – Ending Thursday, January 31, 2019, “Steppers” results will be tallied for those stayed with it for the entire month. We will celebrate the healthy choices people have made and the money that was raised to support jail ministry around Michigan and in your county. Awards will be given to individuals for most miles and most funds raised.

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