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We are so excited to announce that in 2019 we were able to raise $4000 to bring the message of Christ to inmates across Michigan



FMM Volunteer Honors Husband Through First Steps Marathon

Amy and Jeff had been married five years when their friend and pastor, Jerry Pimpleton, led Jeff to pursue a formal ministry degree. Jeff had suffered a head injury in the early 2000s which required a lot of recovery and made traditional pastoral education a challenge for him. To be ordained, Jeff needed to serve somewhere outside the church and Pastor Jerry pointed him to FMM for a six month assignment. Jail ministry ended up being a perfect fit. After a year of serving in the Muskegon County Jail, he began training to become an associate chaplain with FMM.

Because Jeff knew the volunteer training course would be a challenge for him, he asked Amy to come as well. Amy’s only intent was to support Jeff, but while taking the classes, she was encouraged by another FMM volunteer, Jamaesha, to join her in ministering to women. Amy felt it wasn’t right for her as she was busy at home with her children, so she decided not to volunteer. Jeff continued to serve faithfully in Muskegon and then Newaygo County Jail where he developed a close friendship with Chaplain Rocky Heiss. After their youngest son graduated from high school, Amy reconsidered and decided to try out jail ministry for herself.

“The moment I knew this was for me was when I saw girls (in jail) that were just like me, or my daughter, or my mom, with the same struggles we faced. I thought
they would be so different. I really had to repent from my pre-judging them.”

Tragically, Jeff passed away in February of 2016 from a stroke. Amy took time off to grieve, but felt called back to the jail three months later. She then became an associate chaplain in the Newaygo
County Jail.

“I continue partly because I have fallen in love with jail ministry, but also because I am carrying on Jeff’s legacy."

In 2019, Amy took part in the First Steps Marathon— a health initiative and way to raise money for the ministry she loves so much. She walked in memory of her husband Jeff, who also loved ministering in the jail, and raised over $630. We are so grateful for both of their years of service to FMM.

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