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Hiring a Full-Time Chaplain for the Muskegon County Jail - Jail ministry is for people who love to serve the broken-hearted and spiritually hungry. Our Muskegon ministry needs a leader that can develop supporters, recruit and equip volunteers, and compellingly cast ministry vision to others. Must be a resident of Muskegon county or willing to relocate. To find out more, write a brief email inquiry to Rev. Nathan DeWard at and send a one page resumé.


-More than 8500 inmates are booked into the Muskegon County Jail every year. The new Muskegon jail opened fall 2015 and has 544 beds and a newer, safer design for inmates, corrections officers, and FMM volunteers.

Pastors seeking to visit, send email to FMM:






Now Hiring: Lead Chaplain of the Muskegon County Jail

Phone: 231.724.6304


To apply, send a one page resumé and to

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To apply, send a one page resumé and to

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With over 500 inmates in the county jail, we are blessed with volunteers to help with the worship services and other faith-based programs.

Muskegon County Jail Programs

-Church Worship Services
-Discipleship Programs
-Bible Studies (individual and group)
-Library bookcart with faith-based literature
-Mentoring class for release
-Pod Ministry
-TV Ministry
-One on One Counseling
-Work with Western Michigan Teen Challenge
-Drug and alcohol small group discussion
-Bible Correspondence Courses

For news about the opening of the new jail:

New Jail Opens

Hundreds Tour Jail

Volunteer Opportunities

First of all: Prayer. Pray that we will continue to reach inmates for Jesus, for the safety and effectiveness of our chaplain and volunteers, and for the Lord to open doors for Forgotten Man Ministries.

Volunteer. Please contact Chaplain Jackson at the above phone number and email for more information on volunteering in our worship services, Bible studies, or as a mentor. 

Represent FMM at your church. We are always looking for local partners to share the story of FMM in their church and help promote upcoming events and fundraisers.

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