Rehabilitation through Jesus Christ

Our Goal

The Forgotten Man Ministries primary purpose is evangelism and discipleship among inmates in Michigan County Jails.  This, we believe is best accomplished by the placement of a trained and dedicated chaplain within the jail.

The Commissioned Chaplain or representatives will provide the following services to accomplish this goal:

  • Personal Biblical counseling.
  • Coordinating Worship Services, Catwalk Ministry and Bible study classes.
  • Providing and encouraging the completion of Bible Correspondence Courses.
  • Distributing Christian literature and reading materials.
  • The showing of Christian DVD's.
  • Promoting Bibles Pods, Discipleship Training Units.
  • Assisting with Christian release and mentoring programs.

Secondly, in the fulfillment and support of our primary ministry goal the Forgotten Man Ministries outreach may include the following:

  • National outreach to inmates in all penal institutions.
  • Spiritual outreach to Court, Police and Corrections Officials.
  • Local outreach to inmate families.

Thirdly, the Forgotten Man Ministries will provide training materials, opportunities and encouragement to the following:

  • Volunteers
  • Churches
  • Pastors
  • Other Organizations