Rehabilitation through Jesus Christ

Meet the Executive Director

Rev. John E. Fehler

I have been often asked how I got involved in jail ministry. In 1980 I was serving as pastor of a local church. One of our members had requested prayer several times for a relative in the county jail. After praying for this inmate, I was convicted to go and visit him and share the Gospel. It was an eye opening experience.  After several visits, Ken accepted Christ as his personal Savior. Other inmates requested to see me and thus began my jail ministry endeavors.

The Lord then directed me to the Forgotten Man Ministries for training and subsequently establishing a new jail ministry. I served as a volunteer jail chaplain for 3 years along with being a pastor. A full time position opened with Forgotten Man Ministries and recognizing God's call, I applied for the position. I served as a chaplain at three different county jails and was asked to assist as the FMM development director.

After several years of serving in this position I was appointed executive director. It has almost been 30 years with Forgotten Man Ministries and the vision of placing spiritual guides (chaplains) in the county jails of Michigan continues forward. Meeting supporters throughout Michigan is a genuine highlight of this work. Individual county dinners allow me the opportunity to encourage our faithful chaplains throughout the State of Michigan.  As the designated chaplain to the Michigan Sheriffs' Association, I am able to teach the correctional chaplaincy course. This also enables me to have personal contact with volunteers in jail ministry. Forgotten Man Ministries is a team effort with Michigan sheriffs, chaplains, volunteers and supporters in the rehabilitation process of inmates. It is a privilege to serve God as the coach of our team and to bring honor and glory to our Savior, Jesus Christ.