Rehabilitation through Jesus Christ

Meet Our Board

The Forgotten Man Ministries Board of Directors hold quarterly business meetings at the home office.  The bases of membership is any person who professes faith in Christ,  giving evidence of a change of heart, and adopts the views of faith and practices held by the Ministries as expressed in our Doctrinal Statement and Ministries Covenant, may upon recommendation of the Board, be received into said Board upon a favorable 2/3 vote.  The term of office shall be for three year terms, two new Board members being appointed each year.

All Board members are independent (*) and have voting rights.

All Board members of the Ministries are expected to endeavor:

  • To achieve the high standards of Christian life as taught in the New Testament thus avoiding worldliness.
  • To fore-go any questionable practices or amusements which would reflect upon the name of Christ or cause a weaker brother to stumble.
  • To live in harmony with the purposes and principles of the FMM Ministries.
  • To be a member in good standing of a Bible believing church.
  • Everyone holding office or serving in any capacity in this ministry who fails to fulfill his membership obligations or engages in questionable activities will be subject to discipline and removal from office by Board action.


David Ellis * (2013)

Vice President

Ronald Davis * (2013)


Matt Antkoviak * (2013)


Robert Ellis * (2013)

Executive Director

John Fehler (2013)


Linda Haveman * (2014)


Forrest (Nick) Jewell * (2013)


Jay Kuiper * (2013)


Herb Lantinga * (2014)


Brad Stamm* (2014)