Rehabilitation through Jesus Christ

Bible Funding

"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." I Corinthinans 1:18

God's Word, the Bible, contains the message of the cross and God's redemption plan for man. Apart from praying, the placing of a Bible into the hands of a Michigan county jail inmate is considered to be the single most important ministry conducted by Forgotten Man. In order to provide a non-cost Bible to an inmate, funds are regularly needed to purchase and distribute them. Thank You.     

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Gideon Bibles

Some of our FMM chaplains are privileged with assistance from their local Gideon camps. Prison edition Bibles are provided by the Gideons for placement with inmates. Each camp raises funds from local churches to offer this service. Please contact your county jail chaplain to find out if they use the Gideon Bibles and where to send along financial support to assist them.

Correspondence Bible Courses

Michigan county jail and state prisoners are privileged to receive discipleship Bible correspondence courses upon request. These non-cost to inmate courses are vital in the Christian growth process. Courses cover books and topics of the Bible that teach the inmate about "followship". Each believer must learn to yield themselves to the full control of the Holy Spirit. This process of learning is best mobilized through the study of God's Word. Courses are mailed to a Michigan inmate, returned to the home office, corrected by staff volunteers, graded, and new courses are mailed out - using business reply envelopes. A study Bible is awarded upon completion of all FMM courses. Over 20,000 thousand courses are completed yearly. The cost of purchasing and supplying these courses are increasing continually. Your help is appreciated!

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