Rehabilitation through Jesus Christ

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Forgotten Man Ministries brings together inmates, chaplains, and lay-workers in the study and ministry of God's Word. Forgotten Man Ministries chaplains conduct daily in-house jail ministries that include Biblical one-on-one counseling, Bible correspondence courses, group Bible studies, discipleship training units (group Bible pods), distribution of Bibles and Christian books, showing of Christian DVD's, and the facilitation of pastor visits and local church worship services.

The Great Commission is where Jesus told his followers to go and make disciples of all the nations. This includes jail inmates. We must follow the example of Jesus who ministered to people who were oppressed, hurting, cast aside, and labled "sinners" by their culture. Today, Forgotten Man Ministries follows in Christ's footsteps by bringing the healing power of God to those incarcerated in our Michigan jails and prisons.

The Jail Chaplain coordinates committed volunteers and assists local churches in comprehensive jail ministries. Support comes through local Christian churches, individuals, and businesses.

Forgotten Man Ministries is a mission-based organization and does not receive government funds.

Results Expected by an effective jail chaplaincy program will be:

  1. Significant and lasting changes in lives of inmates
  2. Reduction in jail recidivism (rate of return)
  3. Greater community involvement in jail ministry

A Commited FMM Jail Chaplain is a man or woman of God, called to minister to those incarcerated in the county jails of Michigan. Prayers and financial support enable our chaplains to represent Christ to inmates and share God's message of love, forgiveness, and hope.